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★ I've got an ice box.

Cand!e St★r
You are my star;

NOTICE: I hardly ever go to LiveJournal anymore. If you wish to be my friend, please do check my Tumblr or blog or PM me about choices. LJ just died on me 8D

I am;
★ Candie
★ 22 years
★ Likes: Korea, Japan, music, fashion, gyaru, lolita, making & designing clothes, reading, writing, movies, cute things, boys love, fruits, sleeping, fanservice, escaping the reality.

Favourite music:

♥ Super Junior ♥ BIG BANG ♥ G-Dragon ♥ B.A.P ♥ SHINee ♥ B2ST ♥ 2NE1 ♥ F.T Island ♥ MBLAQ ♥ KAT-TUN ♥ NEWS ♥ Tegomasu ♥ AKB48 ♥ etc..

Favourite drama:

You're Beautiful ♥ I love it the most!

Seems like love?

If you add me, PLEASE comment / PM me first. If you don't, I WILL NOT ACCEPT YOU! And if you add me, please comment my entries even sometimes, or I will delete you :)